GCKC Memorial Day AKC

Did 2/3 days of the Memorial Day AKC trial in Hitchcock. We didn’t do too terrible. Trip got two JWW legs, managing fun new ways of not qualifying in standard (bouncing off the table), and leaving the teeter early AGAIN! That has GOT to stop–it’s getting old. Now, there were some complaints about the way this particular teeter was dropping, but still, I don’t think that’s a good excuse for Miss Trip. She did get 1st in both JWW runs–her Monday run was nice and tight, only one or two extra strides on a rear cross at the end. Her Sunday JWW run, the only real turn on the course, she went wide, AND it was the beginning, so very frustrating. My goal for the weekend was to tighten up, so still need improvement there (her standard runs were very efficient). Trip also had an 80 point FAST run, in 28+ seconds–it was darn near perfect, so that was nice. Yippee, another leg towards the century title (I’m not holding my breath) 🙂

Mardi only finished one course on Sunday (she was apparently looking for the fastest way to get back to her crate, and blowing the dogwalk was it), but Monday, she Double Qd, with a 4th in JWW and a 1st in Std. Not bad for a rescue girl who’s about to turn 8. Only 3 more for MACH2–maybe we can get it at Reliant, which would be fun since my friend Jen will be in town for the show from Vegas with her BC. That’s the same show where Mardi got her first MACH (the first MACH title I ever earned), so it would definitely be sweet.

I ran Lyly again this weekend, and she did really well. She was 3/4, with two JWW legs, and a QQ! That’s #2 for Tulsa, so fingers crossed that we are finally clicking. She worked really hard, got every contact, and managed to do a decent job of keeping the bars up on a horrible surface. I’m so proud of her–hopefully we can keep it up!

I’ll be doing some ASCA with Trip this weekend to work on her contacts. She occasionally needs a refresher, and now would be one of those times. Her dogwalk is getting iffier too, so we’ll see what I can do to help that as well.


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