AKC Nationals–ISC classes

Well, day one wasn’t too bad. Trip smoked the JWW course, I made all my front crosses, and she looked great. Unfortunately, she dropped the last bar. MORE unfortunately, that fault wasn’t on her scribe sheet, so she was a clean run scored, and placed 3rd. I found out about this much later down the line, when someone congratulated me. I went and checked at the score table, they checked the scribe sheet, no faults recorded. According to folks who saw the run, the judge did call it, so apparently it was missed by the score table. I talked to the Rep in our ring, they had been recording the scores of all the dogs running, and had the fault on their sheet, and so corrected the scribe sheet.

I went to a lot of trouble to fix it, but I didn’t want anyone mad at me because we got a “gift” or anything like that. And if I hadn’t done it, I would have been obsessing about it all weekend. So, I’m hoping karma is on my side the rest of the weekend, when it really counts.

In standard, Trip ran great again, but I called too hard coming off the dogwalk and pulled her around the jump after the dogwalk. Bad handler. I found out later she got her aframe called, which was completely bogus, but I don’t have good video to remove it. Great dogwalk and teeter contacts.

Here’s hoping for some clean runs tomorrow!

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